Nutritional Consultation & Mindful Eating

Ultimately, the only way to feel good and be healthy is to eat healthy. If you give the body what it needs nutritionally, it will take care of itself.

Justin specializes in traditional dietetics as well as modern clinical nutrition. If you need help knowing how to find and prepare what you need to stay healthy—in a way that is practical and cost-effective—he can help. You can receive education both in the clinical side of your diet—such as your vitamins and minerals, fat, sugar, protein, fiber; as well as training in what foods and combinations are appropriate for you based in Traditional Chinese medicine. Further, you will learn that what you eat is only 50% of the picture—digestion is a process, and how you eat is just as important if not more so.

A strong gastrointestinal system is the foundation of health and longevity. Mindful eating is a skill that will allow you to keep your digestive tract working efficiently and cleanly—while cultivating patience, stillness, and gratitude.