About Justin

Justin Penoyer M.S. L.Ac. is a graduate and current doctoral fellow at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where he studied biomedical and East Asian medicines under a number of preeminent practitioners and authors in the field, earning a Master’s of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2009. Justin is a scholar and accomplished clinician with a private practice in San Diego, California, where he specializes in the application of Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of stress, gastrointestinal, infertility, and autoimmune conditions.

Justin is originally from a small farming town along the Mississippi River in northwestern Illinois, where he earned a trade degree in horticulture before entering Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa. There he graduated as a double major in history and philosophy, Dean’s List honorary and Socrates Award recipient for outstanding achievement in the field of philosophy. Shortly after Justin experienced a traumatic injury that led to his discovery of acupuncture, which played a significant role in his recovery from nerve damage. He came away with a deep respect and passion for Chinese Medicine, resonating with its naturalistic metaphor and core principles of balance, spirit, and scientific method.

In addition to practicing medicine Justin directs operations at Three Hawk Ridge, a Chinese herb farmette and regenerative agroforestry study in Illinois. He co-owns AcroAma Blends LLC with renowned Chef Stephen Dowe, as well as the San Diego based Chinese granular compounding service Su Wu Herbs. Justin is equally comfortable conducting clinical grand rounds, consulting on classical treatment strategies, or strapping on his forestry gear to study the effects of microclimatic conditions on ginseng genetic development and heterogeneity.

In his free time Justin has long enjoyed playing folk guitar and songwriting, and was fortunate to have studied gypsy flamenco in Santiago, Spain in 2004. He is an avid reader of genres ranging from science fiction to Chinese medical texts, and enjoys debating trends in medical science and anthropology, systems theory, environmentalism, and global humanities.