Promoting Lactation Post-Delivery

By Justin Penoyer

Remember! Complete rest one week prior to delivery. Be mindful of staying warm; avoid the elements—especially cold and wet. No direct fans. This holds true for post-delivery as well.

Gentle, neutral foods are best for post-delivery. Soups and stews are best for promoting lactation and ease of digestion. Avoid strong spicy foods, grease, dairy, coffee, and alcohol.

  • Millet, eggs, dark beans, seaweed, sweet potatoes, beets, all root vegetables, walnuts, peanuts, dark chocolate, dates, dark meats (important) such as beef, lamb, and venison (deer is best for a new mom). All of these are great for producing breast milk.
  • Eat cooked fruits and vegetables, and utilize warming herbs such as cumin, turmeric, coriander, thyme, oregano, cardamom, nutmeg, and cinnamon in your soups and stews. This will help your digestion and keep your belly warm.
  • Eat plenty of coconut. This will enhance your immune system and increase lactation, as well as supply the most important amino acid for your baby—lauric acid. Vital for building her metabolism and immune system. This will also guard against mastitis.
  • Fish is great for promoting lactation. Especially when cooked with brown sugar and ginger. Have a few meals a week at least.

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