TCM Tips On Mindful Eating

By Justin Penoyer

Are you aware that the way you eat is almost as important as what you eat?

The following tips will help you maximize the value of the food you do eat.

1. Eat the greatest quantity of food earlier in the day. While you are up and active, your body needs a good foundation of nutrition.

2. Eat at regular intervals during the day. The Stomach and Spleen need adequate material to digest and refine steadily throughout the day in order to make Acquired Qi, an important daily energy resource.

3. Try not to overeat. Ideally, you should stop when you are about 70 percent full. That way, your digestive organs will not be taxed by trying to process too much food at one time.

4. Avoid eating late at night or just before bedtime. These habits force your digestive organs to work overtime digesting food when they should be regenerating while you sleep.

5. Eat softly. Try to maintain a quiet, relaxed manner while eating. Refrain from too much conversation during meals.

5. Eat slowly. Don’t eat while working or rush away from the table directly back to work or to another activity.

6. Chew your food thoroughly. This helps the digestive process.

7. Above all, enjoy your food!

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