Taking Stock (of Bone Broth)

How many people do you know that keep a traditional stockpot? Do you? I am not referring so much to an actual large pot with a close fitting lid, although that is certainly helpful, but rather to the mind-set of maintaining the production and use of traditional stock and broth in your house.

If you have homemade stock in your fridge, cooking is easy, delicious and healthful. Every soup, stew, casserole , gravy or sauce tastes instantly fantastic. Homemade really is best, in stock perhaps even more so that anything else. Stock cubes impart nothing except for seasoning and nearly all liquid stocks are just that, liquid when they should be jelly, as the vital ingredient in stock is gelatine.

Read more about the many benefits of Bone Broth via Taking stock by Stefan Chmelik.

2 responses to “Taking Stock (of Bone Broth)

  1. Bone broths have been one of the culturally universal foundations of healthy eating, and modern research is confirming the vital roles that bone broth’s ingredients play in our ongoing health and wellness. Bio-available minerals, vitamin A and D, and gelatin are critical in maintaining the gut’s microbiome and in feeding the ongoing requirements of our major systems, including but not limited to liver and kidney function, bone growth, and the production and function of hormones throughout the body. The benefit that bone broth provides in these areas cannot be understated.

    Stefan does a great job of introducing this subject and even incorporates some Chinese medical principals along the way.

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