Zang Fu and the Spleen & Stomach

By Justin Penoyer

Did you know that 7 out of 10 doctor visits involve GI complaints? That’s massive. And as you likely know there is woefully little remedy offered by Allopathic medicine, and those that are provided–antacids, bile powders, antibiotics–are based on weak medical theory and inevitably make the problem worse. It comes as no surprise that over 80% of doctors feel they lack the knowledge and training required to handle these and other chronic ailments.

In the hands of a skilled physician Chinese dietetics and herbal medicines are easily the most effective form of treatment for gastrointestinal disorders. These cases are so complex that you must utilize a systemology that address each of several factors simultaneously and in a simple, coordinated comprehensive manner. It is rare in my clinic for patients with GI complaints to not improve when compliant with herbs, acupuncture, diet, sleep, and stress management.

As I have written about previously it is a challenge to teach my patients the fundamentals of proper digestion and eating habits as taught in canonical Chinese medicine. These dietetics have been tested for over 3000 years and the reason they are still around is because they work and can be applied to all manners of dietary constitutional types and personal persuasions. Here I have included a link to an informative introduction to the important concepts of digestive function in TCM:

The Spleen & Stomach’s Upbearing & Downbearing

via – Education – Theory – Zang Fu – Spleen & Stomach.

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