Country Living May Be Hazardous to Men’s Fertility

Orna Izakson E/The Environmental Magazine
April 8, 2004

“No, contrary to a popular misconception, that old Axis of Evil — tight jeans, tobacco, and alcohol — is not driving down sperm counts, Orna Izakson reports on epidemiologist Shanna Swan’s groundbreaking discovery; it’s the country life. Men from rural areas where corn, sorghum, and soybeans grow rampant are at a reproductive disadvantage when compared with their urban counterparts. ‘Swan reported that men in Boone County, Missouri, had a 42 percent lower sperm count than their counterparts in urban Minneapolis’.”

Those country boys had almost half the sperm levels of their urban counterparts, that’s remarkable. Regular exposure to Roundup and assorted herbicides and pesticides sprayed from airplanes and tractors, industrial chemicals with soil and water pollution from factories and landfills intentionally placed in the countryside so as to be out of site from urban populations that constitute 80% of our population.

Compliment this endocrine-disrupting chemical soup with a processed-food diet, supplemented with conventionally raised animal products with their inflammatory fats and estrogen saturation resultant from a diet of corn and soy, and the result should be no surprise that we statistics such as “‘men with high levels of the herbicide alachlor were 30 times more likely to have diminished sperm quality’ and ‘men with high levels of the insecticide diazanon or the herbicide atrazine were 16.7 or 11.3 times more likely to have poor sperm quality, respectively.'”

Those numbers are startling, and given enough time those same chemicals will work its way through the water table into your body no matter where you live, in fact there’s likely to be a good number in your system right now. Is there really any mystery as to why I see so many patients in their 20’s and 30’s with idiopathic infertility? If endemic endocrine disruptor exposure isn’t enough they are also eating GMO foods that are scientifically proven to affect sperm production and mucosal integrity via their harmful effects upon gut microflora.

via Country Living May Be Hazardous to Men’s Fertility.

Justin’s comments: My clinical experience agrees with these findings; tight clothes, alcohol, etc. have little to nothing to do with fertility. I’ve said for years that’s all a load of rubbish–tobacco aside if alcohol harmed the potential for conception in any significant way the human race would be extinct. The correct focus should be on avoiding industrial chemicals, eating mindfully, sleeping properly, and engaging in stress management.


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