Jing Luo Channels and Collaterals

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a powerful medical systemology that has become increasingly popular in areas outside of its origins in East Asia. This poses the significant challenge of teaching the principles of TCM to a population that is entirely unfamiliar to its medical concepts and series of cosmological organizational principles such as Yin Yang and 5 Element theories. While some of these components can be translated into and explained (at least partially) in familiar terminology taken from Allopathic medicine and chemistry, for example, much of Chinese medicine can only be understood in its original conceptualization. Teaching my patients what Chinese medicine is, and how it’s to be utilized, is perhaps my greatest professional challenge. Taken one step at a time, here I’ve found a useful introduction to some of the fundamental principles of TCM for my patients to use as part of their independent studies via Jing Luo (Channels and Collaterals | Meridians and Sub-Meridians).

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