The 20% Who Spread Most Disease – WSJ

Here we have a fascinating article on superspreaders of disease. It is good to see the Allopathic community further its efforts into understanding immune function, for their current model based in the teaching of Pasture are weak in their ability to explain infection and disease as it actually plays out in the real world.

“When it comes to spreading viral and bacterial infections, some people are more contagious than others—much more contagious.

Known as superspreaders, they amount to roughly 20% of the population, but they account for transmission of about 80% of certain infectious diseases, scientists estimate. The phenomenon has been observed, among other contagions, during the global SARS outbreak in 2002 and 2003 and as far back as Typhoid Mary, a cook in New York who infected dozens of people with typhoid fever in the early 1900s without falling ill herself.

Now, scientists are working to find the reasons why some people spread disease more than others. Of course, circumstances play a role, such as a crowded day-care center, and some pathogens are naturally more virulent than others. Recent experiments suggest the body’s immune system at times also may play a role—not just to protect against infection but also to spread more of the pathogens to others.”

via The 20% Who Spread Most Disease – WSJ.

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