Is the Autoimmune Paleo Diet Legit? – US News

I am often asked about the merits of the Paleo diet. This, like other extreme dietary approached, can have short term therapeutic effects. It is however unsuitable for long periods of time, the degree and severity of which will vary among differing microflora and genetic differences. My teacher Z’ev Rosenberg, one of our leading Classical Chinese medicine experts in immunology, has this to say:

“Medicinals attack disease evils, the five grains nourish, the five fruits support, the five animals provide benefit, and the five vegetables fill.” — Su wen 22

He goes on to say that while there is utility in the temporary use of therapeutic regimens, “there are some major problems with this diet,”: namely:

1) The elimination of all whole grains, an entire food group. The end result is an imbalanced diet for daily use, and the body tries to compensate in various, complex ways.

2) High amounts of animal protein can be dangerous for patients with compromised kidney function (for example high creatinine levels in the urine).

3) This diet is ecologically unsustainable for humanity. Animals consume huge amounts of vegetation and grains, and the land used to raise them could grow large amounts of vegetable proteins that would be much more ecologically sound. This
diet certainly doesn’t make sense from a Chinese medical perspective, which asks us to eat with the environment, seasons, a balance of foods, and, of course the individual constitutions of our patients. Finally, the Su Wen and other medical classics such as the Qian Jin Yao Fang all suggest that whole grains are the staple food of humanity, not meat”.

Read more on the Paleo diet and evidence showing it’s effects in the management of autoimmune diseases via Is the Autoimmune Paleo Diet Legit? – US News.

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