A 12-Hour Window for a Healthy Weight

“Meal times have more effect on circadian rhythm than dark and light cycles … and circadian rhythm in turn affects the function of many genes in the body”, is a line from the previous article I shared on the importance of eating on a regular schedule.

Of all the health management practices one could consider there are few more important than observing this regularity.

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Zang Fu and the Spleen & Stomach

Did you know that 7 out of 10 doctor visits involve GI complaints? That’s massive. And as you likely know there is woefully little remedy offered by Allopathic medicine, and those that are provided–antacids, bile powders, antibiotics–are based on weak medical theory and inevitably make the problem worse. It comes as no surprise that over 80% of doctors feel they lack the knowledge and training required to handle these and other chronic ailments.

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Tongue Piercings Cause GI Pain, Acupuncture Helps

If you pierce your tongue where most people do–right in center– you are impacting the Stomach organ system and causing scarring in an undesirable area that actually harms the flow of qi through the central digestive organs. You are also causing a wound that regularly breaks open or gets inflamed, and guess what? That infection and inflammation ends up in the rest of your GI tract as well.

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