Case History: 66 y/o Female, Elevated Pancreatic Enzymes, Candidate for Gall Bladder Surgery

After 6 weeks of treatment amylase reduced from 197 to 165, lipase 156 to 83. Bowels are brown color, no mucus. As of 9/14/15 amylase at 136, lipase 65; both values considered normal depending on the lab range values utilized. CT scan of abdomen revealed no acute disease. Complete metabolic panel shows low sodium and chloride (danger of restricted salt intake). Gall bladder and biliary scan revealed normal gallbladder ejection fraction, gall bladder organ thin-walled, free of stones and sludge. Vitamin D in normal range (86), cholesterol in normal range. No abdominal pain or distress, bowels are well-formed with no abnormality.

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