Greetings, you’ve arrived at the patient resource and medical blog for the clinical practice of Justin Penoyer, Oriental medical physician and licensed acupuncturist in San Diego, California.

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Prospective Patients

If you are a potential patient conducting preliminary research I commend you for doing your homework. Medicine is as much an art as it is a science, and as a patient you must not only seek out those skilled physicians who achieve clinical results, but also one with the personality and philosophical outlook complimentary to your own.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture, in particular, are medical arts of philosophy, deductive reasoning, and tactile ability. Each practitioner will have a unique outlook and practical skill level that may or may not be to your advantage: there are general practitioners, specialists in certain fields such as Chinese herbal medicine and fertility, and still others who integrate various medical modalities. Some will spend a short amount of time with you while others, myself included, prefer to spend more time listening to and educating their patients. I’ve seen physicians with excellent bedside manner, and plenty of those without.

That being said, I am happy to provide some insight into what you can expect from me as your physician.

What To Expect

I operate a holistic primary care practice and see a wide range of patients and complaints. Most cases short of an emergency can be effectively treated with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dietary and lifestyle modifications, and when appropriate I may order standard or Functional lab testing or refer out to a specialist. I see people for one or several treatments for pain or injury, and I have families I’ve been seeing for years.

I look at life with a wide-angle view, and if I have a preference it has always been to serve in the manner of the old-fashioned family doctors who knew their patients personally, and often treat families for decades. Having a skilled physician who knows you well is a valuable commodity. My greatest asset as a clinician is my diverse multidisciplinary background and the ability to draw upon my experiences to offer remedies and treatment approaches that are both practical and effective.

In every case, we will work together to relieve your symptoms in the short term as I provide the education needed to prevent or manage your health in the long term. There are always physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual components that must be considered—the longer we work together the greater my ability to customize your treatment care and  supply insight into the nature of your health—its strengths and challenges—so that you may form a comprehensive long-term self-care regiment that is properly balanced to provide for your unique needs.