Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine constitutes over 80% of Traditional Chinese Medical treatments and is taken independently from or in conjunction to acupuncture therapy.

Justin is a specialist in Chinese herbal medicine with over ten years of clinical experience in primary care using Chinese herbs to treat a wide variety of medical issues. Justin has extensive training in traditional Chinese herbal medicine, traumatic injury, and contemporary clinical herbology. Chinese herbal medicine is a vast 2000 year old medical system that uses its significant clinical experience to customize therapeutic formulas to treat a patient’s condition as it is occurring specifically in their case.

Chinese herbs are typically prescribed in granular form that are prepared into a tea and consumed on a daily basis. Justin maintains an extensive Chinese herbal pharmacy on site with over 300 pharmaceutical-grade Chinese herbs. These granulated herbs are produced by Tianjiang Pharmaceuticals according to international GMP protocols and utilized in over 400 hospitals worldwide. Visit our supplier Legendary Herbs for more information on the quality, consistency, and safety of our herbs.