Family Care

I continue to see Justin and take family members for treatment as well

The first time I encountered Justin I knew my acupuncture experience would be like no other. He examined my tongue and was able to tell a few of the issues I was there to treat before I brought them up. The questions he asked were personal and focused on my reaction to situations rather than just a list of medical history. His manner put me at ease. I have continued to see for years and have taken family members for treatment as well. My daughter sees him for nutritional advice and vitamins. My aunt sees him for arthritic knees. I have referred friends to him for treatment for migraines well as supplemental support for chemotherapy. I highly endorse Justin as he has been a God send for my family’s holistic healing.

– Zuri W.

Justin has treated everyone in my family, and many of my closest friends and loved ones

I was introduced to Justin through a work colleague, and at last found what I had been looking for after searching for the right answers for many years.

I strongly believe in solving the cause of physical problems and not covering them up with medications. I had been on thyroid prescription for 7 years which since my treatment with Justin have proudly stopped taking. He has helped all members in my family, from high cholesterol and liver function issues to skin troubles resolved, or even as simple as giving a clean bill of health and peace of mind to my brother. Justin has treated everyone in my family, and many of my closest friends and loved ones.

In the future I plan to start a family and taking prescription medication was something that I strongly wanted to eliminate before taking that step. I had seen countless doctors, endocrinologists, and hormone specialists. No one had found the root cause of my supposed thyroid issues until Justin started treating me and discovered that my thyroid was completely fine, and in fact the problem was was an intestinal imbalance.

I have since recommended everyone I know to Justin with complete confidence that he will provide the same loving care and attention to them as he has done to me and my family.

– Jessica W.

Justin has been a fantastic partner in the health and nutrition maintenance of my family

Justin was instrumental in assisting us with the birth of our second child.  Not only do we believe his treatments helped us to conceive, we also believe that after our pregnancy his herbal/acupuncture treatments assisted our recovery from hormone imbalance.

Justin is an avid learner and pours that knowledge Into the care his patients. From  cold and flu, bellyaches even shinsplints, Justin is a part of the solution for our family ailments. The most remarkable achievement was “slowly” methodically weaning my mother off of a cocktail of thyroid and high blood pressure medications. She’d been on them for decades. Now she sips herbal tea…

– Curtis W.