Pain Management

With acupuncture, medicinal herbs, and a proper diet I can honestly say I don’t suffer any more

For over 30 years I have had Fibromyalgia. It came on sudden and hard. I went from doctor to doctor trying to find help. I was in pain, fatigued, and had consent muscle spasms throughout my whole body. It caused me to be depressed and have anxiety. I eventually had to quit my job as I couldn’t cope. For years I suffered. Then everything changed with the help of Doctor Justin Penoyer.

He takes the time to listen and is easy to talk to. It is amazing when Dr. Justin needles me. When finished, my stress has gone away and my body is relaxed. It is a big piece to treating my Fibromyalgia. I also enjoy the cupping. It reaches my deep tissue which helps so much.

I also take medicinal herbs, he prescribes. This is also an important part of my treatment.

With acupuncture, medicinal herbs, and a proper diet I can honestly say I don’t suffer any more. I rarely have muscle spasms, fatigue or pain. Just occasional achiness.

Darleen H.

I tremendously value Justin’s professionalism and expertise

I originally turned to acupuncture because I was clenching my jaw at night and was having neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches. I began to see Dr. Penoyer on a regular basis and found that soon after commencing treatment, I was much more relaxed, less tense and experienced less pain. During the course of these treatments I injured my shoulder during a workout and was in almost intolerable pain. After just one acupuncture treatment on my shoulder, the intensity of my pain lessened to almost non existent during the treatment to completely non existent within 48 hours! I began working out again within the week.

In addition to his treatments, he offers information on how to maintain the progress achieved between visits in order to maximize the benefit of treatment. I tremendously value Dr. Penoyer’s professionalism and expertise, and I would highly recommend him.

– Jean F.

His treatments always left me feeling amazing!

After suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury last year, I suffered from frequent headaches. As an ICU nurse, I first looked towards Western medicine.  The medicine I was prescribed by my doctors didn’t help with my pain so I turned to alternative therapies to help with pain relief.

Dr. Penoyer was the third acupuncturist I saw and by far the most effective at treating my pain and other symptoms I was experiencing.  He was extremely thorough in his assessment, asking questions about every aspect of my life that could be contributing to my pain.  His treatments always left me feeling amazing! My pain decreased, my overall quality of life improved, and over a few months I saw long lasting effects from his acupuncture treatments.

I also started taking the recommended herbs that he hand mixes specifically to what was going on with me at each visit.  The herbs have been wonderful in helping to get my body back to the state it was in before my brain injury.

He always explained his rationale for his treatment, what was imbalanced based on Chinese medicine’s point of view, and why my body was reacting the way it was to my injury.  His compassion, knowledge, and expertise in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine make him one of the best practitioners I have ever met. I frequently refer him to my friends and patients for whatever pain issue they have and he has done wonders for them as well!

– Andrea M., RN

Dr. Justin was patient with me and took the time to look into the issues I was facing

Dr. Penoyer may be known as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine but to me he is a miracle worker! I came to Justin a few years ago after having been hastily diagnosed with Meniere’s disease by Western medicine and I just couldn’t believe that there was nothing to be done about it.

Dr. Justin was patient with me and took the time to look into what all was going on in my life that caused the issues I was facing. Within about 2 month of acupuncture and Chinese medicine I felt like a new man! A year later I did a round of treatment with him to aid in physical therapy I was doing for plantar fasciitis and again, had great results. I tell anyone who is looking for this type of help about his services to try him out, I did and I couldn’t be more thankful that I did!

– Douglas M.

As a yoga instructor and performer, my career demands a great amount of physical activity

As a yoga instructor and performer, my career demands a great amount of physical activity. I often experience muscular soreness, minor strains and injuries. Without Dr. Justin’s caring and knowledgeable treatment, I would not be able to do what I do. Through weekly acupuncture, I am able to maintain my physical health so I can teach and perform to the best of my ability. It also offers me an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate during my busy schedule which is vital to mental and emotional health.

– Laura D.

I would highly recommend Dr. Penoyer for his acupuncture experience and his straightforward explanations of Chinese medicine

Dr. Penoyer has helped me out on neck and back issues for over one and a half years. I have noticed steady improvement and that combing acupuncture with some exercises he had recommended has made it easier for me to sleep and go about my daily routines with no discomfort. I appreciate his explanations of what particular area of my body is responding to the needles he has placed, along with his knowledge of Chinese herbs and herb formulas. I would highly recommend Dr. Justin for his acupuncture experience and his straightforward explanations of Chinese medicine and the benefits of acupuncture.

– Grant W.

We are blessed to have him so close to home

We heard Justin was practicing in Hanover and figured with my husband’s Lyme disease, he was worth a try. Then he had some psoriasis and Justin worked his magic. He just mentioned the other day that his back doesn’t bother him at all anymore (cupping). Never would have dreamed he would try this form of alternative medicine, but Justin made him a believer! In the meantime, he got me thru a broken leg with, at first, herbs for healing and pain and then, when able, acupuncture. We are blessed to have him so close to home!

– Carol C.

I have never felt better in all the treatments I sought prior to finding the local gem of Chinese medicine

I would like to extend much gratitude towards the practice of Dr. Justin Penoyer. I have so much wrong with my spine: a herniating disc in my neck, arthritis in my lower back and a persisting problem with my middle back between these two problematic points which causes misalignment. Although I also see a chiropractor, the results I have noticed from acupuncture far outweigh the benefits of chiropractic alone.

Dr. Justin Penoyer has been consistently successful in alleviating muscle tension in these problem areas as well as realigning energy systems which I had no idea were also misaligned. He also performs cupping which also helps. I notice better sleep and longer periods of being okay and an ability to perform necessary tasks within an extended window of time.

Of course I still experience pain and discomfort when the herniating disc presses against my neck and the arthritis in my lower back pulls like a tug of war with my middle back causing discomfort after several weeks of not being treated.

I must tell you, however that as long as I regularly see my chiropractor to realign the spine as well as receive acupuncture to calm the muscles which have become angry from said misalignment, I have never felt better in all the treatments I sought prior to finding the local gem of Chinese medicine.

I also enjoy custom tea from Dr. Justin Penoyer that rectifies problems which were previously unknown or overlooked. When we have persistent pain it becomes easy to thus ignore other ailments. For instance, I have some assumed allergies that cause breathing issues that Dr. Justin Penoyer’s tea has greatly helped. I find the self care of making tea daily and focusing, at least for awhile, on nothing besides drinking said tea, is a blessing all on it’s own.

If you have ever considered that western medicine can no longer help you, I greatly recommend adding Chinese medicine to the mix. You may be as surprised and delighted as I am with the results that “alternative” medicine can provide.

In fact, you may find, as I have, that the alternative medicine should shift to be the primary medicine and western medicine should be a last resort as it can be quite barbaric, what with all the pills and guessing of what we can do without from tonsils to toenails. This is my testimony, I hope this helps someone as I feel blessed to have found this treatment and can’t say enough about this. Peace to all and may you be guided by both faith and truth as you consider seeing Dr. Justin Penoyer.

– J. P.