Pain Management

I tremendously value Justin’s professionalism and expertise

I originally went to Justin Penoyer because I was clenching my jaw at night and was having neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches. I began to see Justin on a regular basis and found that soon after commencing treatment, I was much more relaxed, less tense and experienced less pain. During the course of these treatments I injured my shoulder during a workout and was in almost intolerable pain.  After just one acupuncture treatment on my shoulder, the intensity of my pain lessened to almost non existent during the treatment to completely non existent within 48 hours! I began working out again within the week.

In addition to his treatments, he offers information on how to maintain the progress achieved between visits in order to maximize the benefit of treatment. I tremendously value Justin’s professionalism and expertise, and I would highly recommend him.

– Jean F.

His treatments always left me feeling amazing!

After suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury last year, I suffered from frequent headaches. As an ICU nurse, I first looked towards Western medicine.  The medicine I was prescribed by my doctors didn’t help with my pain so I turned to alternative therapies to help with pain relief.

Justin was the third acupuncturist I saw and by far the most effective at treating my pain and other symptoms I was experiencing.  He was extremely thorough in his assessment, asking questions about every aspect of my life that could be contributing to my pain.  His treatments always left me feeling amazing! My pain decreased, my overall quality of life improved, and over a few months I saw long lasting effects from his acupuncture treatments.

I also started taking the recommended herbs that he hand mixes specifically to what was going on with me at each visit.  The herbs have been wonderful in helping to get my body back to the state it was in before my brain injury.

He always explained his rationale for his treatment, what was imbalanced based on Chinese medicine’s point of view, and why my body was reacting the way it was to my injury.  His compassion, knowledge, and expertise in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine make him one of the best practitioners I have ever met. I frequently refer him to my friends and patients for whatever pain issue they have and he has done wonders for them as well!

Andrea M., RN

As a yoga instructor and performer, my career demands a great amount of physical activity.

As a yoga instructor and performer, my career demands a great amount of physical activity. I often experience muscular soreness, minor strains and injuries. Without Justin’s caring and knowledgeable treatment, I would not be able to do what I do. Through weekly acupuncture, I am able to maintain my physical health so I can teach and perform to the best of my ability. It also offers me an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate during my busy schedule which is vital to mental and emotional health.

Laura D.