Thanks to Justin, we were able to prepare our body and mind to conceive the child of our dreams

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a year when we decided it was time to visit my OBGYN to ask the question of why we weren’t getting pregnant. After both my husband and I went through our round of fertility testing, I was really expecting to have the doctors find something “wrong”, something that would explain this delay. Instead we were told that all of our tests came back fine and there was no reason we couldn’t conceive. I received a call from my OB’s office offering me a prescription for Clomid (to induce ovulation) . After doing my own research I felt the side effects outweighed the possibilities and I wasn’t quite ready to take that risk.

Meanwhile, I had been seeing Justin for stomach problems that I had been experiencing for several years, which he was able to treat with just a couple of visits. I had established a trusting relationship with him and through success in other treatments had established a faith in traditional Chinese medicine.

He discussed his successes in treating other couples for fertility. Given my alternative, I found his natural approach much more appealing.

After my husband and I met with Justin to discuss what treatment would look like we knew we were making a commitment not only to ourselves but also to our future baby. We did not take this decision lightly and knew that if we didn’t follow Justin’s treatment plan we would only be cheating ourselves.

The treatment is very involved and not as simple as taking a Clomid pill. Both my husband and I visited Justin for acupuncture twice a month, we drank Chinese herbs twice a day, took multi vitamins daily, and added vitamins for me. We also drank plenty of water, ate a healthy diet, and exercised almost daily. Again, this was a commitment.

The hope of having the baby we so much wished for is what pushed us to drink our herbs and take our vitamins religiously, pushed us out to exercise when the couch seemed more appealing and reminded us that veggies were a much healthier side than fries.

After one month of treatment my husband and I realized that if anything we’d be the healthiest version of ourselves at the end of everything. We had never felt better!

After three cycles of treatment and staring at yet another negative pregnancy test I hit my lowest low. At our next appointment I explained to Justin how frustrated I was. I had been doing everything precisely how it needed to be done and nothing! At this point he suggested we take a break, continue acupuncture, taking herbs and vitamins and not being so hard on ourselves if we didn’t exercise a day here and there. He also told me stop obsessively reading fertility books, taking my temperature everyday, and not take any ovulation tests for the month. I fought him a little bit. How could he ask me to “waste” a month so I could relax? I thought it was a huge waste of time. At this point we had been trying to conceive three months short of two years!

As much as I hesitated, I took Justin’s advice. My husband had a conference to attend out of town and I tagged along with him. We spent some time with family and when we came back I got sick with a cold – I hadn’t gotten sick with anything in over two years. We had an appointment with Justin and when he took my pulse he noticed a difference. I was not going to get my hopes up, plus I was still about one week away from getting my period. How could he ever know?

A week went by and I didn’t get my period. I was never super punctual but always ranged within a few days. So there I was one evening after work arguing mentally with myself that I would not test. Well if you’re reading this I’m sure you know how that goes and I gave in.

I looked at the test and saw a faint second line. I had no idea what a positive test would look like and if the second line would ever vary in intensity. I took another test three hours later and again the next morning. The second line kept getting darker. A beta test later confirmed that I was in fact pregnant!

Thanks to Justin, we were able to prepare our body and mind to conceive the child of our dreams. Our healthy baby boy Lorenzo was born on May 25, 2012. Being a parent is everything we hoped it would be and more. We are truly blessed.

– Cynthia & Isidro C.

Thank you doesn’t begin to convey our gratitude

My husband and I had fertility issues for several years.  In fact, our first child is an IVF baby.  We wanted to avoid the dozens of shots, hormones, expense and the general invasiveness of going through that again.  So we researched to find an acupuncturist and after talking to Justin knew right away we were done looking.

Justin was exactly what we needed.  He listened and truly cared about our success.  He helped us cope with the emotional turmoil of wanting to get pregnant and not being able to.

He talked to us not only about fertility, but also how to make positive changes in our daily lives that would complement the treatment.  After carefully following Justin’s instructions and treatment we got pregnant just three and a half months later.  Thank you doesn’t begin to convey our gratitude!

– John & Danielle M.

Justin is more than just someone who provides an important service

I initially sought Justin’s help with infertility issues a year and a half ago, and have been more than pleased with the result: I became pregnant with my second child, Evie, and am currently pregnant with another baby! I believe that Justin’s services have been instrumental in bringing about a solution to infertility‐related issues I have been facing for seven years.

Justin is more than just someone who provides an important service. He listens to your needs and creates a strategy that includes diet, supplements, herbs, and acupuncture that brought me to the most healthy state I have ever been in. He is very personable, flexible, and his loyalty to his patients runs deep. He goes above and beyond in meeting the needs of his patients, and I wholeheartedly recommend his services to others. I believe that he provides a valuable service to the community and plan on continuing to see him throughout this pregnancy and beyond.

– Pamela W.

Justin has been a fantastic partner in the health and nutrition maintenance of my family

Justin was instrumental in assisting us with the birth of our second child. Not only do we believe his treatments helped us to conceive, we also believe that after our pregnancy his herbal/acupuncture treatments assisted our recovery from hormone imbalance.

Justin is an avid learner and pours that knowledge into the care his patients. From  cold and flu, bellyaches even shinsplints, Justin is a part of the solution for  our family ailments. The most remarkable achievement was “slowly” methodically weaning my mother off of a cocktail of thyroid and high blood pressure medications. She’d been on them for decades. Now she sips herbal tea…

– Curtis & Tammy W.