Stress Management

When I met with Justin for the first time, I immediately felt at ease and comfortable

About a year ago I started really noticing that stress and anxiety issues were beginning to affect me physically.  The stress had begun to significantly manifest in my neck and throat creating a lot of discomfort which caused additional worry and stress and the cycle just kept repeating.  I preferred to address the issue with a more natural approach rather than through a lot of medications.  After a lot of research, I found myself drawn to the possibilities of acupuncture.

When I met with Justin for the first time, I immediately felt at ease and comfortable.  He centered his approach by taking in to account all issues and wellness concerns I was facing.  This allowed a whole body, mind, and spirit focus and pathway to improvement.

After the first session, I felt a significant improvement in the severe tightness of the muscles and tendons in my neck, throat and shoulders.  I was able to tell a total difference in the tension that was causing my issues.  Over the last year of treatment, I have also better learned to focus my mediation both during acupuncture sessions with Justin and on my own.   Each session I am able to physically and emotionally feel a “reboot” of my body, relieving the built up tensions and stresses of daily life and work.  In addition to the treatment for stress and anxiety, Justin was also able to focus treatments towards other issues I was experiencing; for example, surgery recovery, incision healing, allergies, and sleep.

My experience with Justin has truly been wonderful.  His approach, thoroughness, and skill are remarkable.

– Chip T.

 Justin is a knowledgeable physician who takes the time to listen to me and my body

As a Registered Nurse who practices “modern medicine” at the hospital, I see first hand the effects of stress on the body. I believe stress is the most common causes of dis-ease, yet it is over looked as a factor by many Western doctors. I believe, in order to heal, the whole person (body, mind, emotions and spirit) must be treated. I also consider myself a holistic nurse, incorporating complimentary and alternative medicine into my daily practice at the hospital to prevent and treat stress. In order to provide effective, healing care I know I must be healthy and stress free myself. That is why I choose Justin to manage my own personal well-being.

I have tried prescription pills to manage my anxiety, but only felt the side effects and no relief. I have since found acupuncture to be an effective, safe, and natural treatment I’ve used for many years to manage my stress and anxiety. Justin is a knowledgeable physician who takes the time to listen to me and my body. His gentle, caring touch and excellent needling skills never cause me pain. He has created a clean, healing space that I feel comfortable to receive acupuncture in. After an acupuncture treatment from Justin, I leave feeling calm, balanced, restored and rejuvenated. I highly recommend Justin not only to my patients at the hospital, but to my family and friends.

Sierra B., RN, CCRN, HTI-PA

Justin genuinely cares about his patients and his desire for you to feel better is palpable

Justin was initially recommended to me by a friend for herbs. I knew little about Chinese medicine, but was going through a fairly tough break-up at the time and was willing to try anything.  I’m glad I did. Right away Justin puts you at ease.  During my first visit we talked for about thirty minutes. I cried a lot. He listened.  Then acupuncture.  Needles were stuck on various parts of my body, and Justin explained why he put certain needles where. He then left me alone for a while.  Being alone in general was scary for me at the time, as anyone who has had their heart broken would know. But there on that table I felt calm, clear-headed, and possibly even happy for the first time in weeks.

The herbs he gave me helped tremendously with my grief and insomnia. He also gave me a list of foods to eat and books to read. My diet has changed significantly because of him, most notably the addition of fermented foods and good fats, and I am grateful for the knowledge he willingly shares. He genuinely cares about his patients and his desire for you to feel better is palpable.  I have already recommended him to numerous friends and family and will continue to do so.

– Emily Q.