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Justin is a thoughtful, engaged practitioner

As a community college instructor who lectures ~15 hours a week, I came to Justin with a newly diagnosed vocal nodule. Western medicine offered me little in the way of workable solutions (avoid coffee and all acids, use a microphone when teaching).

Justin recommended a simple regimen of Chinese herbs taken each day supplemented with acupuncture once a month, all designed to replenish lung and spleen qi. I followed this regimen starting in late August, and by mid-November, the vocal nodule was gone (confirmed after an exam by a head and neck specialist) and my voice was stronger than ever.

Justin is a thoughtful, engaged practitioner who really cares about his clients. And, simply put, his modalities work. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

– John R.

When I met with Justin for the first time, I immediately felt at ease and comfortable

About a year ago I started really noticing that stress and anxiety issues were beginning to affect me physically. The stress had begun to significantly manifest in my neck and throat creating a lot of discomfort which caused additional worry and stress and the cycle just kept repeating. I preferred to address the issue with a more natural approach rather than through a lot of medications. After a lot of research, I found myself drawn to the possibilities of acupuncture.

When I met with Justin for the first time, I immediately felt at ease and comfortable. He centered his approach by taking in to account all issues and wellness concerns I was facing. This allowed a whole body, mind, and spirit focus and pathway to improvement.

After the first session, I felt a significant improvement in the severe tightness of the muscles and tendons in my neck, throat and shoulders. I was able to tell a total difference in the tension that was causing my issues. Over the last year of treatment, I have also better learned to focus my mediation both during acupuncture sessions with Justin and on my own. Each session I am able to physically and emotionally feel a “reboot” of my body, relieving the built up tensions and stresses of daily life and work. In addition to the treatment for stress and anxiety, Justin was also able to focus treatments towards other issues I was experiencing; for example, surgery recovery, incision healing, allergies, and sleep.

My experience with Justin has truly been wonderful. His approach, thoroughness, and skill are remarkable.

– Chip T.

I am so grateful to have found Justin!

His talent in acupuncture, keen knowledge of Chinese medicine, herbs, nutrition, and caring nature makes him one of the very best practitioners I’ve ever encountered. I have been going to Justin for treatment on a regular basis for 6 months now and can honestly say it has changed my life. I have always felt very comfortable discussing my condition with him and always look forward to hearing the invaluable knowledge he so openly shares. After each treatment I feel I’ve taken leaps towards my optimal health.

I highly recommend Dr. Penoyer to anyone looking for a natural way of healing/treating anything!

– Margarita P.

I tremendously value Justin’s professionalism and expertise

I originally went to Justin Penoyer because I was clenching my jaw at night and was having neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches. I began to see Justin on a regular basis and found that soon after commencing treatment, I was much more relaxed, less tense and experienced less pain. During the course of these treatments I injured my shoulder during a workout and was in almost intolerable pain. After just one acupuncture treatment on my shoulder, the intensity of my pain lessened to almost non existent during the treatment to completely non existent within 48 hours! I began working out again within the week.

In addition to his treatments, he offers information on how to maintain the progress achieved between visits in order to maximize the benefit of treatment. I tremendously value Justin’s professionalism and expertise, and I would highly recommend him.

– Jean F.

His treatments always left me feeling amazing!

After suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury last year, I suffered from frequent headaches. As an ICU nurse, I first looked towards Western medicine. The medicine I was prescribed by my doctors didn’t help with my pain so I turned to alternative therapies to help with pain relief.

Justin was the third acupuncturist I saw and by far the most effective at treating my pain and other symptoms I was experiencing. He was extremely thorough in his assessment, asking questions about every aspect of my life that could be contributing to my pain. His treatments always left me feeling amazing! My pain decreased, my overall quality of life improved, and over a few months I saw long lasting effects from his acupuncture treatments.

I also started taking the recommended herbs that he hand mixes specifically to what was going on with me at each visit. The herbs have been wonderful in helping to get my body back to the state it was in before my brain injury.

He always explained his rationale for his treatment, what was imbalanced based on Chinese medicine’s point of view, and why my body was reacting the way it was to my injury. His compassion, knowledge, and expertise in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine make him one of the best practitioners I have ever met. I frequently refer him to my friends and patients for whatever pain issue they have and he has done wonders for them as well!

Andrea M., RN

As a yoga instructor and performer, my career demands a great amount of physical activity

As a yoga instructor and performer, my career demands a great amount of physical activity. I often experience muscular soreness, minor strains and injuries. Without Justin’s caring and knowledgeable treatment, I would not be able to do what I do. Through weekly acupuncture, I am able to maintain my physical health so I can teach and perform to the best of my ability. It also offers me an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate during my busy schedule which is vital to mental and emotional health.

Laura D.

Justin is a knowledgeable physician who takes the time to listen to me and my body

As a Registered Nurse who practices “modern medicine” at the hospital, I see first hand the effects of stress on the body. I believe stress is the most common causes of dis-ease, yet it is over looked as a factor by many Western doctors. I believe, in order to heal, the whole person (body, mind, emotions and spirit) must be treated. I also consider myself a holistic nurse, incorporating complimentary and alternative medicine into my daily practice at the hospital to prevent and treat stress. In order to provide effective, healing care I know I must be healthy and stress free myself. That is why I choose Justin to manage my own personal well-being.

I have tried prescription pills to manage my anxiety, but only felt the side effects and no relief. I have since found acupuncture to be an effective, safe, and natural treatment I’ve used for many years to manage my stress and anxiety. Justin is a knowledgeable physician who takes the time to listen to me and my body. His gentle, caring touch and excellent needling skills never cause me pain. He has created a clean, healing space that I feel comfortable to receive acupuncture in. After an acupuncture treatment from Justin, I leave feeling calm, balanced, restored and rejuvenated. I highly recommend Justin not only to my patients at the hospital, but to my family and friends.

– Sierra B., RN, CCRN, HTI-PA

Justin genuinely cares about his patients and his desire for you to feel better is palpable

Justin was initially recommended to me by a friend for herbs. I knew little about Chinese medicine, but was going through a fairly tough break-up at the time and was willing to try anything. I’m glad I did. Right away Justin puts you at ease. During my first visit we talked for about thirty minutes. I cried a lot. He listened. Then acupuncture. Needles were stuck on various parts of my body, and Justin explained why he put certain needles where. He then left me alone for a while. Being alone in general was scary for me at the time, as anyone who has had their heart broken would know. But there on that table I felt calm, clear-headed, and possibly even happy for the first time in weeks.

The herbs he gave me helped tremendously with my grief and insomnia. He also gave me a list of foods to eat and books to read. My diet has changed significantly because of him, most notably the addition of fermented foods and good fats, and I am grateful for the knowledge he willingly shares. He genuinely cares about his patients and his desire for you to feel better is palpable. I have already recommended him to numerous friends and family and will continue to do so.

– Emily Q.

Thanks to Justin, we were able to prepare our body and mind to conceive the child of our dreams

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a year when we decided it was time to visit my OBGYN to ask the question of why we weren’t getting pregnant. After both my husband and I went through our round of fertility testing, I was really expecting to have the doctors find something “wrong”, something that would explain this delay. Instead we were told that all of our tests came back fine and there was no reason we couldn’t conceive. I received a call from my OB’s office offering me a prescription for Clomid (to induce ovulation) . After doing my own research I felt the side effects outweighed the possibilities and I wasn’t quite ready to take that risk.

Meanwhile, I had been seeing Justin for stomach problems that I had been experiencing for several years, which he was able to treat with just a couple of visits. I had established a trusting relationship with him and through success in other treatments had established a faith in traditional Chinese medicine.

He discussed his successes in treating other couples for fertility. Given my alternative, I found his natural approach much more appealing.

After my husband and I met with Justin to discuss what treatment would look like we knew we were making a commitment not only to ourselves but also to our future baby. We did not take this decision lightly and knew that if we didn’t follow Justin’s treatment plan we would only be cheating ourselves.

The treatment is very involved and not as simple as taking a Clomid pill. Both my husband and I visited Justin for acupuncture twice a month, we drank Chinese herbs twice a day, took multi vitamins daily, and added vitamins for me. We also drank plenty of water, ate a healthy diet, and exercised almost daily. Again, this was a commitment.

The hope of having the baby we so much wished for is what pushed us to drink our herbs and take our vitamins religiously, pushed us out to exercise when the couch seemed more appealing and reminded us that veggies were a much healthier side than fries.

After one month of treatment my husband and I realized that if anything we’d be the healthiest version of ourselves at the end of everything. We had never felt better!

After three cycles of treatment and staring at yet another negative pregnancy test I hit my lowest low. At our next appointment I explained to Justin how frustrated I was. I had been doing everything precisely how it needed to be done and nothing! At this point he suggested we take a break, continue acupuncture, taking herbs and vitamins and not being so hard on ourselves if we didn’t exercise a day here and there. He also told me stop obsessively reading fertility books, taking my temperature everyday, and not take any ovulation tests for the month. I fought him a little bit. How could he ask me to “waste” a month so I could relax? I thought it was a huge waste of time. At this point we had been trying to conceive three months short of two years!

As much as I hesitated, I took Justin’s advice. My husband had a conference to attend out of town and I tagged along with him. We spent some time with family and when we came back I got sick with a cold – I hadn’t gotten sick with anything in over two years. We had an appointment with Justin and when he took my pulse he noticed a difference. I was not going to get my hopes up, plus I was still about one week away from getting my period. How could he ever know?

A week went by and I didn’t get my period. I was never super punctual but always ranged within a few days. So there I was one evening after work arguing mentally with myself that I would not test. Well if you’re reading this I’m sure you know how that goes and I gave in.

I looked at the test and saw a faint second line. I had no idea what a positive test would look like and if the second line would ever vary in intensity. I took another test three hours later and again the next morning. The second line kept getting darker. A beta test later confirmed that I was in fact pregnant!

Thanks to Justin, we were able to prepare our body and mind to conceive the child of our dreams. Our healthy baby boy Lorenzo was born on May 25, 2012. Being a parent is everything we hoped it would be and more. We are truly blessed.

– Cynthia & Isidro C.

Thank you doesn’t begin to convey our gratitude

My husband and I had fertility issues for several years. In fact, our first child is an IVF baby. We wanted to avoid the dozens of shots, hormones, expense and the general invasiveness of going through that again. So we researched to find an acupuncturist and after talking to Justin knew right away we were done looking.

Justin was exactly what we needed. He listened and truly cared about our success. He helped us cope with the emotional turmoil of wanting to get pregnant and not being able to.

He talked to us not only about fertility, but also how to make positive changes in our daily lives that would complement the treatment. After carefully following Justin’s instructions and treatment we got pregnant just three and a half months later. Thank you doesn’t begin to convey our gratitude!

– John & Danielle M.

Justin is more than just someone who provides an important service

I initially sought Justin’s help with infertility issues a year and a half ago, and have been more than pleased with the result: I became pregnant with my second child, Evie, and am currently pregnant with another baby! I believe that Justin’s services have been instrumental in bringing about a solution to infertility‐related issues I have been facing for seven years.

Justin is more than just someone who provides an important service. He listens to your needs and creates a strategy that includes diet, supplements, herbs, and acupuncture that brought me to the most healthy state I have ever been in. He is very personable, flexible, and his loyalty to his patients runs deep. He goes above and beyond in meeting the needs of his patients, and I wholeheartedly recommend his services to others. I believe that he provides a valuable service to the community and plan on continuing to see him throughout this pregnancy and beyond.

– Pamela W.

Justin has been a fantastic partner in the health and nutrition maintenance of my family

Justin was instrumental in assisting us with the birth of our second child. Not only do we believe his treatments helped us to conceive, we also believe that after our pregnancy his herbal/acupuncture treatments assisted our recovery from hormone imbalance.

Justin is an avid learner and pours that knowledge into the care his patients. From cold and flu, bellyaches even shinsplints, Justin is a part of the solution for our family ailments. The most remarkable achievement was “slowly” methodically weaning my mother off of a cocktail of thyroid and high blood pressure medications. She’d been on them for decades. Now she sips herbal tea…

– Curtis & Tammy W.

Justin’s treatments helped me avoid a hysterectomy, which had already been scheduled

I was first treated by Justin Penoyer at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He combined the use of acupuncture, herbs, supplements, a cleanse and dietary advice. Justin’s treatments helped me avoid a hysterectomy, which had already been scheduled. I have continued to receive treatments from Justin, as needed. I appreciate his knowledge of herbs. It is a big plus that he is able to dispense the herbs at the time of treatment. Justin’s nutritional knowledge makes for well rounded treatments. He has great listening skills and a keen ability to make me feel at ease, and I am very satisfied with my decision to continue with him as my physician.

– Donna M.

I continue to see Justin and take family members for treatment as well

The first time I encountered Justin I knew my acupuncture experience would be like no other. He examined my tongue and was able to tell a few of the issues I was there to treat before I brought them up. The questions he asked were personal and focused on my reaction to situations rather than just a list of medical history. His manner put me at ease. I have continued to see for years and have taken family members for treatment as well. My daughter sees him for nutritional advice and vitamins. My aunt sees him for arthritic knees. I have referred friends to him for treatment for migraines well as supplemental support for chemotherapy. I highly endorse Justin as he has been a God send for my family’s holistic healing.

– Zuri W.

Justin has treated everyone in my family, and many of my closest friends and loved ones

I was introduced to Justin through a work colleague, and at last found what I had been looking for after searching for the right answers for many years.

I strongly believe in solving the cause of physical problems and not covering them up with medications. I had been on thyroid prescription for 7 years which since my treatment with Justin have proudly stopped taking. He has helped all members in my family, from high cholesterol and liver function issues to skin troubles resolved, or even as simple as giving a clean bill of health and peace of mind to my brother. Justin has treated everyone in my family, and many of my closest friends and loved ones.

In the future I plan to start a family and taking prescription medication was something that I strongly wanted to eliminate before taking that step. I had seen countless doctors, endocrinologists, and hormone specialists. No one had found the root cause of my supposed thyroid issues until Justin started treating me and discovered that my thyroid was completely fine, and in fact the problem was was an intestinal imbalance.

I have since recommended everyone I know to Justin with complete confidence that he will provide the same loving care and attention to them as he has done to me and my family.

– Jessica W.

Justin took the time to really listen to my concerns

I started acupuncture in August 2011 for stomach and intestinal problems. I had tried many western doctors but the diagnosis was the same each time. I was labeled with IBS and there was no cure for this ailment. I had changed my diet and still felt nausea and intestinal discomfort most days. I heard about Justin through a friend and decided to give it a try.

I went every other week for only 4 months. Steadily I improved and by early spring 2012 I was able to eat a varied diet, no nausea and very rare occasions of intestinal discomfort.

Justin took the time to really listen to my concerns and health issues, and believed that they were not all phantom symptoms. He gave pertinent information specific to my dietary health needs as well as for bringing a whole mind, body and spirit into alignment. I feel great and am now living a healthy, happy life.

– Deborah M.

Justin is not just an acupuncturist, he’s a practitioner of life medicine

In our sessions, we talk about nutrition, posture, emotional habits, and exercise. The treatments are progressive and tailored to my needs. His knowledge and insight have given me practical means to improve my health through lifestyle changes.

Chinese medicine is truly holistic; when the source of a problem is addressed, other ailments go away. Justin makes an herbal formula for me to take on a daily basis. After a few weeks, I noticed I wasn’t sneezing everyday and my chronic sinus problems were gone. Although I started seeing Justin for other problems, this was a welcome side effect.

Since I began treatment with Justin, I’ve improved my immune system, vitality, and my outlook on life.

– David S.

I highly recommend Justin

Having never visited an acupuncturist before in my life, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but after my first visit with Justin I felt very comfortable and optimistic that he could help me achieve a better ‘me’. Justin carefully listens to what you have to say and draws from an amazing depth of knowledge as he works with you in identifying and understanding what your mind and body are saying. He becomes your partner in bringing about a better “you” and customizes and tailors each visit to your unique situation. Definitely recommended.

– Royce K.

I have struggled with asthma and lung problems for about 10 years

Traditional Western medical doctors have repeatedly prescribed steroids and antibiotics to treat the problems. The side effects of the steroids have been worse than the symptoms, so last spring when I was experiencing problems,  I was determined to avoid them . I was also experiencing hot flashes, night sweats and  had recurring problems with skin rashes.

My daughter recommended I see Justin and explore other options of treatment.  What a change he has made in my life!  After a thorough evaluation and testing, Justin started me on on herbs and supplements.  Not only do the herbs keep my asthma and coughing under control, but I no longer experience hot flashes, my sleep is restful and I no longer suffer from rashes or itching. In addition, my concentration has improved and I have much more energy.

I could keep going on and on.  Justin is compassionate, knowledgeable, flexible, and understanding. He has explained Chinese medicine’s holistic  fundamentals and changed my perspective about the sources and solutions to medical treatment and more importantly, preventative health management.

– Roberta R.

I would highly recommend Dr. Penoyer for his acupuncture experience and his straightforward explanations of Chinese medicine

Dr. Penoyer has helped me out on neck and back issues for over one and a half years. I have noticed steady improvement and that combing acupuncture with some exercises he had recommended has made it easier for me to sleep and go about my daily routines with no discomfort. I appreciate his explanations of what particular area of my body is responding to the needles he has placed, along with his knowledge of Chinese herbs and herb formulas. I would highly recommend Dr. Justin for his acupuncture experience and his straightforward explanations of Chinese medicine and the benefits of acupuncture.

– Grant W.

We are blessed to have him so close to home

We heard Justin was practicing in Hanover and figured with my husband’s Lyme disease, he was worth a try. Then he had some psoriasis and Justin worked his magic. He just mentioned the other day that his back doesn’t bother him at all anymore (cupping). Never would have dreamed he would try this form of alternative medicine, but Justin made him a believer! In the meantime, he got me thru a broken leg with, at first, herbs for healing and pain and then, when able, acupuncture. We are blessed to have him so close to home!

– Carol C.

With acupuncture, medicinal herbs, and a proper diet I can honestly say I don’t suffer any more

For over 30 years I have had Fibromyalgia. It came on sudden and hard. I went from doctor to doctor trying to find help. I was in pain, fatigued, and had consent muscle spasms throughout my whole body. It caused me to be depressed and have anxiety. I eventually had to quit my job as I couldn’t cope. For years I suffered. Then everything changed with the help of Doctor Justin Penoyer.

He takes the time to listen and is easy to talk to. It is amazing when Dr. Justin needles me. When finished, my stress has gone away and my body is relaxed. It is a big piece to treating my Fibromyalgia. I also enjoy the cupping. It reaches my deep tissue which helps so much.

I also take medicinal herbs, he prescribes. This is also an important part of my treatment.

With acupuncture, medicinal herbs, and a proper diet I can honestly say I don’t suffer any more. I rarely have muscle spasms, fatigue or pain. Just occasional achiness.

Darleen H.

I have never felt better in all the treatments I sought prior to finding the local gem of Chinese medicine

I would like to extend much gratitude towards the practice of Dr. Justin Penoyer. I have so much wrong with my spine: a herniating disc in my neck, arthritis in my lower back and a persisting problem with my middle back between these two problematic points which causes misalignment. Although I also see a chiropractor, the results I have noticed from acupuncture far outweigh the benefits of chiropractic alone.

Dr. Justin Penoyer has been consistently successful in alleviating muscle tension in these problem areas as well as realigning energy systems which I had no idea were also misaligned. He also performs cupping which also helps. I notice better sleep and longer periods of being okay and an ability to perform necessary tasks within an extended window of time.

Of course I still experience pain and discomfort when the herniating disc presses against my neck and the arthritis in my lower back pulls like a tug of war with my middle back causing discomfort after several weeks of not being treated.

I must tell you, however that as long as I regularly see my chiropractor to realign the spine as well as receive acupuncture to calm the muscles which have become angry from said misalignment, I have never felt better in all the treatments I sought prior to finding the local gem of Chinese medicine.

I also enjoy custom tea from Dr. Justin Penoyer that rectifies problems which were previously unknown or overlooked. When we have persistent pain it becomes easy to thus ignore other ailments. For instance, I have some assumed allergies that cause breathing issues that Dr. Justin Penoyer’s tea has greatly helped. I find the self care of making tea daily and focusing, at least for awhile, on nothing besides drinking said tea, is a blessing all on it’s own.

If you have ever considered that western medicine can no longer help you, I greatly recommend adding Chinese medicine to the mix. You may be as surprised and delighted as I am with the results that “alternative” medicine can provide.

In fact, you may find, as I have, that the alternative medicine should shift to be the primary medicine and western medicine should be a last resort as it can be quite barbaric, what with all the pills and guessing of what we can do without from tonsils to toenails. This is my testimony, I hope this helps someone as I feel blessed to have found this treatment and can’t say enough about this. Peace to all and may you be guided by both faith and truth as you consider seeing Dr. Justin Penoyer.

– J. P.