Holistic Care

Justin is a thoughtful, engaged practitioner

As a community college instructor who lectures ~15 hours a week, I came to Justin with a newly diagnosed vocal nodule. Western medicine offered me little in the way of workable solutions (avoid coffee and all acids, use a microphone when teaching).

Justin recommended a simple regimen of Chinese herbs taken each day supplemented with acupuncture once a month, all designed to replenish lung and spleen qi. I followed this regimen starting in late August, and by mid-November, the vocal nodule was gone (confirmed after an exam by a head and neck specialist) and my voice was stronger than ever.

Justin is a thoughtful, engaged practitioner who really cares about his clients. And, simply put, his modalities work. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

– John R.

Justin is not just an acupuncturist, he’s a practitioner of life medicine

In our sessions, we talk about nutrition, posture, emotional habits, and exercise. The treatments are progressive and tailored to my needs. His knowledge and insight have given me practical means to improve my health through lifestyle changes.

Chinese medicine is truly holistic; when the source of a problem is addressed, other ailments go away. Justin makes an herbal formula for me to take on a daily basis. After a few weeks, I noticed I wasn’t sneezing everyday and my chronic sinus problems were gone. Although I started seeing Justin for other problems, this was a welcome side effect.

Since I began treatment with Justin, I’ve improved my immune system, vitality, and my outlook on life.

– David S.

I am so grateful to have found Justin!

His talent in acupuncture, keen knowledge of Chinese medicine, herbs, nutrition, and caring nature makes him one of the very best practitioners I’ve ever encountered.  I have been going to Justin for treatment on a regular basis for 6 months now and can honestly say it has changed my life.  I have always felt very comfortable discussing my condition with him and always look forward to hearing the invaluable knowledge he so openly shares.  After each treatment I feel I’ve taken leaps towards my optimal health.

I highly recommend Justin Penoyer to anyone looking for a natural way of healing/treating anything!

– Margarita P.

I highly recommend Justin

Having never visited an acupuncturist before in my life, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but after my first visit with Justin I felt very comfortable and optimistic that he could help me achieve a better ‘me’. Justin carefully listens to what you have to say and draws from an amazing depth of knowledge as he works with you in identifying and understanding what your mind and body are saying. He becomes your partner in bringing about a better “you” and customizes and tailors each visit to your unique situation. Definitely recommended.

– Royce K.