Justin Penoyer DACM, LAc, is a Chinese medicine physician and licensed acupuncturist specializing in Chinese primary care services and the treatment of difficult and complex disorders. Since 2008 Dr. Justin has served a diverse constituency of patients in both hospital and outpatient settings as well as a referral based private practice specializing in Chinese herbal medicine, orthopedics, and integrative medical case management.

Prospective Patients

Among the most important decisions one can make is to seek out and employ a primary care provider who can both produce clinical results and offer guidance as we maneuver through our environment. Having a skilled physician who knows you and your medical context is an invaluable commodity.

I am currently accepting new patients from the public on a select basis. If you are interested in Chinese Medicine and would like to present your case please send a detailed email using my contact form or directly at justinpenoyer@protonmail.com.

What To Expect

I operate an evidence-based primary care practice and see a wide range of patients and complaints. Most cases short of an emergency can be effectively treated with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dietary and lifestyle modifications, and when appropriate you may be recommended a supplement, lab testing, or referral out to a specialist. I see patients for one or several treatments for pain or injury, however many of patients are individuals and families I’ve been seeing for years as their primary care manager.

I look at life with a wide-angle view and serve my patients in the time honored tradition of family doctors who knew their patients personally and often treated multiple generations of family members. My medical philosophy is rooted in the natural science and systems thinking of classical Chinese medicine and my strategies branch outward to the latest in standard of care and evidence-based research. As a new patient you will find that I draw from my “farmer’s wit and wisdom” paired with a diverse multidisciplinary background to offer treatment strategies that are both efficacious and practical.

In every case, we will work together to relieve your symptoms in the short term as I provide the education needed to prevent or manage your health in the long term. There are always seasonal, physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual components that must be considered—the longer we work together the greater our ability to appropriately navigate your health management and  garner insight into the nature of your health—its strengths and challenges—so that we may form a comprehensive long-term self-care regiment that is properly balanced to provide for your unique needs.