Women’s Health

Justin’s  treatments helped me avoid a hysterectomy, which had already been scheduled.

I was first treated by Justin Penoyer at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He combined the use of acupuncture, herbs, supplements, a cleanse and dietary advice. Justin’s treatments helped me avoid a hysterectomy, which had already been scheduled. I have continued to receive treatments from Justin, as needed. I appreciate his knowledge of herbs. It is a big plus that he is able to dispense the herbs at the time of treatment. Justin’s nutritional knowledge makes for well rounded treatments. He has great listening skills and a keen ability to make me feel at ease, and I am very satisfied with my decision to continue with him as my physician.

– Donna M.

I have struggled with asthma and lung problems for about 10 years

Traditional Western medical doctors have repeatedly prescribed steroids and antibiotics to treat the problems. The side effects of the steroids have been worse than the symptoms, so last spring when I was experiencing problems,  I was determined to avoid them . I was also experiencing hot flashes, night sweats and  had recurring problems with skin rashes.

My daughter recommended I see Justin and explore other options of treatment.  What a change he has made in my life!  After a thorough evaluation and testing, Justin started me on on herbs and supplements.  Not only do the herbs keep my asthma and coughing under control, but I no longer experience hot flashes, my sleep is restful and I no longer suffer from rashes or itching. In addition, my concentration has improved and I have much more energy.

I could keep going on and on.  Justin is compassionate, knowledgeable, flexible, and understanding. He has explained Chinese medicine’s holistic  fundamentals and changed my perspective about the sources and solutions to medical treatment and more importantly, preventative health management.

– Roberta R.