Cellular Composition of Blood Varies by Season

“In the winter, the study found, your blood contains a denser blend of immune responders, while summer veins swim with fat-burning, body-building, water-retaining hormones.”

This sounds curiously similar to a passage from Suwen Chapter 13 describing a yearly rhythmic fluctuation in blood quality and immunity (camp & guard qi). “when heaven is warm and when the sun is bright, the blood is rich in liquid and the guard qi is at the surface. When heaven is cold and the sun is hidden, the blood congeals and the guard qi is in the depth”.

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Left Shoe, Right Shoe

I feel somewhat like Mr. Rogers this morning. After a productive Spring at the farm it’s time to step out of my logger boots and into my clinical shoes. Left shoe, right shoe; agriculture and medicine. The study of ecosystems.

Though at first glance these may seem to be two separate fields of knowledge, they are in fact a singular abode whose system mechanics are governed by thermodynamics and the arbitration of time.

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Protective Effects of Ginseng on Neurological Disorders

This is particularly important when discussing ginseng since it helps explain why previous studies have yielded contradictory or inconclusive results when studying the affects of ginseng on a study group. Not only does American ginseng itself vary significantly based on its genetic lineage and environmental rearing, but the study subjects themselves have variant microbiomes that produce different, sometimes opposite, results. Undoubtedly this process is it play in other herbs and medicines as well.

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